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Efficient communication training experience





In July this year, the company hired a well-known lecturer, Yan Shile, to give everyone a training course on 'Efficient Communication'. I was fortunate to participate in this training. In this training, through the teacher's training and my own understanding, I have gained a lot of insights and benefited a lot after listening.

Everyone's life and work are not what one can survive, and it is impossible for everyone to exist independently of others. Communication is unavoidable when we are together, and communication is the most important part of communication. We cannot avoid communication whether at work or in study and life. Good communication can bring people closer to each other. Bad communication will bring unnecessary troubles, and good things can turn into bad things.

How to achieve good communication and efficient communication? I summarized the following points:

1. Mindset adjustment: Before communicating anything, please adjust your mindset to avoid the communication cannot continue due to mentality problems.

2. Proactive: communication requires active contact, active feedback, and active support.

3. Correct attitude: humble, sincere, and euphemistic. Avoid condescending, domineering, and impatient.

4. Speaking skills: To communicate and speak requires concentration, effective speaking, barrier-free language, concise and clear speaking, unified norms, avoiding self-contradictions, it is best to bring a sense of humor and good examples.

5. Civilized language: Please use 'you, hello, please, thank you, sorry, goodbye and other polite words' when communicating

6. Body language: smile (communication with a smile is definitely better than communication with a straight face), eyes (eyes are the windows of the soul, pure eyes can make people more acceptable)

In the course about superior communication, subordinate communication, and peer-to-peer communication, I found that when subordinates communicate with their superiors, pay attention: the subordinates must be able to express, and the subject, focus, and thinking of the matters communicated must be clear; and the superiors must also listen , Hear the key points and point out the direction to the subordinates. Pay attention to the communication between the same level: talk about cooperation, how to do this thing, to what extent, the other party can accept it, and what is required by the other party, and to what extent, in order to achieve a mutually satisfactory result. Pay attention to the communication between superiors and subordinates: the superior should speak more praise and encouragement, and promptly affirm the work done by the subordinates.

Teacher Yan Shile’s courses gave me a better understanding and awareness of communication at work. In this study, I fully understood the importance of communication. Communication is a learning and an art. In the future work, I will continue to work hard to learn how to communicate effectively and carry out my own work better.