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Flay boy August Birthday Party





The sky in August is high and bright, exile dreams

The August sun is hot and passionate

The birthday party of Fulaibao employees in August was warmly staged


Fulaibao welcomes again

Employee's birthday in August

With her and him, we all get together to celebrate and enjoy this wonderful time together.

When the banquet opened, Executive Vice President Xiong Decai and Manufacturing Vice President Li Jingzhong sent heartfelt wishes to the birthday stars, adding a different color to the birthday party.

The bond of fate binds us together. The game session is the most exciting, and the birthday stars all work together to strive for the championship.

At the birthday party, everyone was singing birthday songs, making wishes, cutting cakes, playing games, sending blessings, and receiving gifts. The company prepared delicious cakes for the birthday stars, and extended sincere greetings to them and blessed the birthday stars for their careers. Progress and a happy life. Although it was a small move, it was devoted to the company's cordial care for its employees.

福来宝8月生日Party  福来宝8月生日Party

福来宝8月生日Party  福来宝8月生日Party