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Fulaibao's unique management mode-Standing Committee





On June 4, 2019, Mr. Cai Jierong, General Manager of Fulaiba Company, proposed to establish a Fulaiba Standing Committee. I personally think that this is another feat of management innovation by Fulaibao.

Mr. Cai’s speech that day was very shocking, and that voice has been around my ears. He said: “Every company has different problems and status quo, and of course there are also stubborn diseases that are difficult to solve. Fulaibao is a private enterprise, but I I hope to operate in a public mode. I don’t want any problems to be dictated by the general manager and everyone has the right to speak. When the company encounters problems, everyone can discuss together and seek the best solution...'. Participants were full of interest that day, like a chicken blood, with infinite power. Of course there will be hesitations and wanderings, because the term standing committee is relatively unfamiliar, and the meaning of the term has not yet been clarified.

The definition of Fulaibao Standing Committee: Elected at the manager level or above, he has a strong right to speak and is also an obligation to make any decision of Fulaibao.

Fulaibao Standing Committee members: Mr. Cai Jierong, Mr. Li Jingzhong, Mr. Qiu Zhijian, Mr. Xiong Decai, Ms. Zhang Shihua. (Note: Sort by first letter of last name)

General Manager Mr. Cai Jierong, in order to implement the meaning of the standing committee, he appointed the standing committee meeting to be held regularly every month, and to ease the tension of the meeting atmosphere, the meeting place was set up outside the company. The standing committee members can choose by themselves, and of course they will prepare rich and delicious food.

The first meeting of the Standing Committee was held on July 3, 2019. The location of the meeting was the beautiful Jiaochangwei Minyuan, and 17 issues were raised. The second meeting of the Standing Committee was held on August 14, 2019. The venue of the meeting was Xinlihua Hotel. 16 issues were proposed to be resolved.

We firmly believe that under the wise leadership of Mr. Cai and the strong support of the Standing Committee, Fulaibao will become better and better in the future and gradually become an industry benchmark enterprise.

福来宝独特的管理模式—常委会  福来宝独特的管理模式—常委会